Lindsay Gardner
Temporal intersections with place are knowable and unknowable, indelible and elusive, at once. In my paintings, I seek visual expressions of both the still and the transitory.

The inherent properties of watercolor allow me a limited time period to manipulate the paint before the saturated surface dries. This durational aspect of my practice creates a structure that demands a delicate balance between control and surrender. The medium itself reflects ideas of stability, change and uncertainty that are bound up in my perceptions of place, time, light and memory.

Working from video stills, I choose familiar imagery that is equally intimate and remote; elements of the Midwestern landscapes of my childhood and recent experiences revisiting that home merge to form a new landscape.

I paint my way through an accumulation of memory, video, photography, and experience to find a clearing. Between the side-by-side longings for rootedness and movement, I imagine a vast-enough space to hold these parallel and divergent desires, and learn that one cannot be without the other.